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JULY 20, 2019, 10:00 AM to 13:00 PM

Hedi Samimi Founder & CEO Inspirational Grief Speaker

Hedi is the founder of Haleh Coaching. Always eager to understand her own and others’ motivations and behaviours, she completed her Bachelor of Arts and after that understanding grief and loss on a personal level (losing her only beloved SISTER & Husband) have driven her to pursue in NLP Coaching and Healing Direction, so that she might be of service to those challenged by the painful experience of losing a loved once.
The goal of the coaching is to help YOU to learn and to encourage YOU to mourn well!

Mitra Mohamadzadeh Motivational Keynote Speak

Mitra is the founder of the Academy of Change. Her life mission is to enhance the positive social impact on the lives of newcomers and immigrants by developing the skills that enable them to embrace changes and adapt to a new culture faster with more confidence.

Mitra is an influential certified coach, a PhD Candidate in Human Resources Management, a professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and of the Human Resources Professional Association, She leaves her clients empowered, engaged and inspired to achieve their full potential.

Mitra firmly believes that self awareness and knowing who you is the most important milestone of discovering and developing each person’s brand in the world. She grew professionally and built her self-confidence by creating a New Version of herself to fulfill her own personal vision and goals.

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