Stress Management

Stress management is not easy without any assistance. Every person needs extra support at some point in their life. Some may get it from friends or family, but sometimes professional expertise becomes necessary. That is why Haleh Coaching is available to provide professional assistance when you need it. We understand that stress triggers are everywhere, from workplaces to social networks. That is why we have set up an effective structure that helps relieve or manage the pressure you feel when overwhelmed.

Why You Should Manage and Not Wait-Out Stress


High stress levels can reduce your overall quality of life. The longer you endure, the more you risk your wellness. Stress interferes with the emotional balance and, in advanced cases, affects physical wellbeing. It can also hinder your capacity to think coherently, operate optimally, or live happily in general. Common causes of stress include financial situations, career problems, or family issues. Regardless, knowing how to deal with it is critical, and it starts by realizing that you have more control of the situation than you think.

The benefits of handling stress instead of waiting and hoping that it passes include better physical health, improved social, work, and family relationships because of enhanced happiness, and increased productivity in every aspect of your life.

We can help you find a perfect balance in all aspects of your life to ensure stress does not take root in your life. We can equip you with the resources you need to tackle challenges head-on without crumbling. We do that by focusing on individual situations and determining what works.

How to Identify Stress Factors in Your Life


Unfortunately, pointing out sources of stress in your life is not as easy as it sounds. Yet, it is vital in fruitful management. Significant changes like switching jobs, breakups, divorces, or moving to a new location are easily noticeable, but they are not the only possible stress causes. Anxiety or pressure can also come from your thought process, behavior, or feeling, causing a never-ending stress cycle. Do not overlook them.

Try to determine the role you play in creating the tension. For instance, are you stressed because you procrastinate and fail to meet deadlines, or is the job too demanding? The questions below can also give you clarity on the possible causes.

  • Do you justify stress as a temporary occurrence, claiming that you have a lot going on at the moment?
  • Have you normalized it as part of your life by accepting that it always happens?
  •  Have you accepted stress as part of your personality by saying things like you are always nervous?
  • Do you only view stress as an external factor and blame people you interact with for causing it?
    Our passionate and empathetic team can help you analyze all the factors in your life to find the root cause and a suitable stress management solution.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

Helping you live stress-free is our goal. Whether you are a parent, manager, student, teacher, or any other professional, our services can help you overcome those circumstances you consider unconquerable. Your background is not a hindrance to us. We are here to help.